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About us

We are a team of doctors, advanced practitioners and caring support staff with decades of experience in compassionate & comprehensive abortion care. We envision a world in which abortion is not merely accessible, but equitable.

Person eating pizza in bed, with a shirt reading Abortion is Freedom, in front of banner that says Once upon a time there was a girl that said fuck this shit and did things her own way and she lived happily ever after the end

Abortion by mail — fast, easy, convenient.

AOD gets abortion pills to people who need them as quickly and safely as possible. As pioneers in telemedicine abortion, our team has more than two decades of collective experience in abortion care. We serve the largest geographic footprint of any legal US provider.


Serving patients, supporting clinics.

We know that being pro-choice means supporting ALL the safe methods by which pregnant people choose to access abortion. Telemedicine utilizes technology that is not yet accessible to everyone everywhere, so AOD’s platform is built to donate back to in-person clinics doing this sacred work.

Our growing team has deep roots working, training, and teaching in independent abortion clinics. In order to ensure that pregnant people will always have a place to go when they need or want in-clinic care, AOD donates to Keep Our Clinics.


We're in the news!

You can read more about us in recent news articles on our Community page.