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Kansas- ineligible

You can get an abortion in Kansas, but it cannot be with us. Based on what you told us, it is safest for you to seek in-person care with one of our colleagues listed below. Do NOT repeat your intake. We cannot accept repeat intakes for legal and safety concerns.

Learn more about your options in Kansas at

In-Clinic Care

Here are the quality clinics we recommend in Kansas.  You can find more options at where you can easily search by zip code.

Financial Support

With extremely limited exceptions, Medicaid does not cover abortion services in Kansas, nor do private health insurance plans. You can contact these groups for help with funding, transportation, and other logistics.


If you are a Kansas voter wanting to preserve and expand equitable abortion access, we suggest getting involved with: 

See something out-of-date or want to add to these lists? Please use our contact us form below to let us know.

Where is AOD available?