Am I bleeding enough?

There is a very wide range of normal bleeding after taking the medications. Though the heaviest bleeding is usually in the first 1-2 days, it isn’t the same for everyone. Many people will only have light bleeding throughout. That’s okay. If you have pregnancy symptoms at all like nausea or breast/chest tenderness, that should be gone over about 4 days.

Which of the medications can I take together?

The comfort medications do not interact with each other or any of medications in your kit. They are safe to take together. Mifeprex and misoprostol however should not be taken at the same time. Please wait 24 hours after taking Mifeprex from the orange box before you use the misprostol (medication in your cheeks). This is to ensure the Mifeprex worked first.

When can I use tampons?

We ask patients to wait 7 days after taking misoprostol before using anything inside, like tampons or menstrual cups.

How long should I bleed?

There is very wide range of normal bleeding: anywhere from four days to 4 weeks off and on is normal and expected.

Should I use the second round of misoprostol?

Most people do not need the second dose of misoprostol. You should only use the second dose if you have no bleeding at all over a full 24 hours. If you have spotting you do not need the second dose, but please save it in case our staff coaches you to use it later. Taking the second four misoprostol tabs when you do not need them will only cause uncomfortable side effects.

My pregnancy test is still positive. What do I do?

Our medical grade pregnancy tests will turn negative over 4 weeks for about 90% of patients. If the test that came in your kit is showing two lines give us a call to review your symptoms. Do NOT take the test in your kit until prompted to by our text follow-up; it’s timed based on the shipment and when you took the mifepristone. Taking the test early will cause a false positive.

Extreme heat exposure in transit during the summer may make the tests in your kit show no lines at all. It’s okay to call us to review if this happens.

Drug store pregnancy tests can take 5 weeks to turn negative, even if everything worked. The timing has to do with how long it takes the hormones to clear your bloodstream.